Obligation to provide information in accordance with the Battery Ordinance (BattV)

In connection with the delivery of devices containing batteries or accumulators, we are obliged under the Battery Ordinance to inform our customers of the following:
These devices must not be disposed of in household waste. You are legally obligated to return these devices or the accumulators contained in them as the end user. You can return batteries and accumulators after use, as required by law, free of charge in the municipal collection points or also by mail sufficiently stamped, to our following address:

LEDental GmbH
Mahlower Straße 28
15806 Zossen

This is a concrete contribution to environmental protection. Since 1998, the Battery Ordinance has obliged all citizens to dispose of used batteries and rechargeable batteries exclusively via retailers or specially set up collection points (statutory return obligation). Retailers and manufacturers are obliged to take back these batteries and recycle them properly or dispose of them as hazardous waste (statutory take-back obligation).