PowerLight spot - Strong luminosity

PowerLight spot on LEDental loupe 2.5x

The LEDental PowerLight spot is one of the brightest luminaires available on the market, only it is significantly cheaper.
At a working distance of 35cm, it has an illuminance of 35000 lux.
The illumination field is extremely faded in. Therefore, the lamp is only suitable for magnifying glasses with a magnification of at least 2.5x.

It can be attached to LEDental loupes, but can also be mounted very well on other loupe glasses thanks to our many clips.

The Power Box 550 serves as the energy source.

The high illuminance of the LEDental PowerLight spot makes it necessary to use an orange filter when processing light-curing restorative material.

You can find more details in the  technical data.

Cable coupling of the PowerLight on the patient

Intelligent cable coupling

Our PowerLight lamps have an intelligent cable coupling.

The Power Box is attached to the belt in the area of the back pocket.

The cable extension runs along the back, preferably under the clothing from the Power Box on the belt to the collar. The pre-mounted cable clip "strain relief" is used to attach the coupling of the extension cable to the collar.

The cable of the PowerLight can be attached to the temple of the glasses with the help of pre-mounted rubber rings. Its plug is inserted into the coupling of the extension cable.

In this way, the glasses or magnifying glasses with the LED can be put aside while the cable remains at the back of the Power Box with it on the body.

Clips for PowerLight spot

There are different clips for attaching the PowerLight lite to our components or to your existing glasses or magnifying glasses. The table shows which clips are suitable for the PowerLight lite.

We have made it our business to be able to attach our lights to any pair of glasses or magnifying glasses.
With the help of the SLA3-D printing process, individual solutions can also be created. If in doubt, send us an email with good photos of your glasses or magnifying glasses.

Sporty Clip Sporty / Orascoptic®
for all attachments
of LEDental and
Magnifying Glasses from Orascoptic®
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Loupe Clip Loupe 2.5/3.5
Loupe clip for optics 2.5 & 3.5
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Loupe Clip Loupe 6.0
Loupe-Clip for optics 6.0
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SLA-3D Clip SLA-3D
individual solutions by means of
Stereolithography 3-D printing
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SLA-Zeiss Clip SLA-ZS
for Zeiss® magnifying glasses
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