LEDental loupe, mounted on headband

Working distance for your loupe glasses

You need two people to help you. One person plays the patient and takes a seat on the treatment chair. You will be positioned on the treatment chair according to the region to be examined. If you need glasses to correct a defective vision, you will have to wear them.

While you examine the corresponding region with a mirror, the second person corrects your sitting posture if necessary. It is important that you sit up straight. Do not make the mistake now of trying to get closer to the patient through an incorrect posture in order to be able to see better. The magnifying glasses will take over this task later. In this respect, they will help you to sit healthily.

If the sitting posture is good, the second person measures approximately the distance from your eye to the examined object with a tape measure. This is then the working distance you need.
With the working distance determined in this way, you then select the suitable model based on the technical data